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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Cases          Hall of Fame Cases          Hall of Fame Cases


The Athletics Department at Lane Community College recognizes those individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the prestige of our school both on and off the field of competition. They have brought much distinction and honor to Lane Community College and have established a tradition of excellence which is incomparable. Their achievements have touched everyone associated with Lane Community College. From the inception of intercollegiate athletics to the present, none have better exemplified the true spirit of athletic competition than these honored players, coaches, administrators, and teams.


Anderson, Greg Men's Basketball 1972-1979
Baltzer, Keith Men's Basketball 1976-1978
Barbosa, Jose-Luiz Track 1986
Bates, Dale Coaching/Administration 1973-1991
Booth, Mark Wrestling 1974-1976
Booth, Murray Wrestling 1972-1974
Bredesen-Craig, Dawn Women's Basketball 1981-1983
Brumley,Heldt, Loi Track 1968-1970
Creed, Bob Support 1968-1996
Dickerson, Sandi Cross Country/Track 1979-1981
Evans, Jim Support 1969-Present
Hixon, Rob Wrestling 1980-1981
Hummel, Dean Baseball 1978-1980
Jaffarian, Edwin Tennis 1972-1974
Jarvis, Matt Support 1972-Present
Johnson, Joel Track 1976-1977
Lass-Phillips, Lisha Track 1980-1981
Madden, Milt Support 1969-Present
Magness, Dave Cross Country/Track 1978-1979
Martin, Ken Track 1976-1978
Manley, Mike Cross Country/Track 1978-1981
McNeale, Jan Track 1968-1970
Merlau, Greg Men's Basketball 1982-1984
Morris, Nathan Track 1981-1983
O'Leary-Morton, Anne Croos Country/Track 1979-1980
Pappas, Tom Track 1994-1996
Radcliffe, Bob Support 1969-Present
Rexius, Arlen Wrestling 1973-1975
Stonelake, Kelli Women's Basketball 1988-1990
Wilken, Lyndell Cross Country/Track Coach 1980-1989


Men's Cross Country 1972  
Men's Basketball 1977-1978  
Women's Cross Country 1979  
Women's Volleyball 1981